About Us!

Hi! I'm Daria! In 2016 I started Is It Bath Time Yet? in my small apartment kitchen for my son, who was suffering from terrible sensitive skin.
I tried all the lotions and potions marketed as "All Natural" and "Sensitive Skin" and over time he would still break out in a rash. 
After a few months of disappointment and frustration, I realized I wanted to know what went into my kiddos bath!
I did lots of research and finally made our Oatmeal Coconut Milk Bath!  Since that day and using only Is It Bath Time Yet? products, he has the softest buttery skin!
As I continued my maker journey I realized I wanted something nice for my skin too!
The first thing I made was our Lemon Verbena Bath Bomb and I was hooked!
I often say my favourite thing about our bath bombs is that you don't need to use lotion afterwards, they leave your skin feeling so silky!
Currently my "Soap Room" is based out of my Chilliwack BC home!
A nice change from my apartment kitchen!
We want to be your source for great quality, safe products that you can feel good about using. We continue to educate ourselves and research new products to try. Keep an eye out for what we have in store fo you! 
 We are SO happy you chose us!